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Two years involved with the trading business taught that when nothing can possible go wrong and every avenue has been covered  

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Bamunji Trade International is among the global leading suppliers of chemical and polymer products. Relying on the continuous improvement, commercialized facilities and efficient operation, the company provides customers with more competitive products and solutions.

We always been adhering to innovation and optimizing industrial structure. Our business covers polyurethanes, petrochemicals, performance chemicals and emerging materials. The industries include homeware and furniture, sports, automobiles and transportation, building and construction, electronics and electrical appliances, personal care, and green energy.

We are committed to providing customers with stable, high-quality, competitive products and efficient services, and to being a responsible supplier and industry leader. We will continue to innovate in the field of chemical new materials, lead the development of the industry, and create a better life for mankind.

Innovations enabled by the Steeler institutes results in products that assist workers, make buildings safer, consume less energy, and save lives. Today’s research will improve tomorrow’s reality.

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Our people are our biggest asset but the only way to unlock their potential is to invest in the right business systems that encourage innovation.
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Two years of experience under our firm cap, we partner with owners and design professionals to build high-quality service. Over the years, we built relationships with the industry’s top suppliers and buyers, all of whom adhere to our high standards of quality.

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As a provider for chemical, we can provide you holistic solutions. Principle approach us because they know that we can handle buyers and solutions the driving.



To be a customer-oriented company, allowing our customers to discover and discover the best quality and service in the chemical distribution field.